looking for the power fuse

hey the back of my tv does not look like the picture i am looking for the power fuse. My tv wont turn on i have a Vizon Sonyo 2008 model number DP50747 please help



the pictures that Mark has from April 16 here is the back of my TV

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What picture? Why not post a picture of your TV so we could see the difference,


Keith, just to clarify. That picture is identical to your TV?


it is i am going to get a fuse today do you think it will work. I am changing the one the the plug is. Sorry if i sound retarted I am not an electician


Sounds good to me. All you really need to do is to check the fuse first. Do you have access to a multimeter. Have you checked on here Sanyo dp50747 Plasma TV fuse replacement and power board check to see if that works for you? What is going on with your TV?


Its not the fuse I tested it i was told to check the compastitors for leaking, i foun one that had a waxy substance comiing out of one


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