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Aufpolierte Version des iPhone 3GS mit schnelleren Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit. Die Reparatur geht ähnlich wie beim 3G vonstatten und braucht nur einfache Schraubendreher und Hebelwerkzeuge. Modell A1303 mit 16 oder 32 GB Kapazität mit schwarzer oder weißer Kunststoffrückseite.

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My iPhone wont activate after I updated it

hi i tried to update my iphone 3gs to ios 6 as far as i no wasn't unlocked or jailbroke when i restore it from itunes it say it was restored successfully it lats me do language then country then network then its say activating your iphone for a bit then says your iphone could not be activated because the activation server it temporarily unavailable. try connecting your iphone to it tunes to avtivate it or try again in a couple of minutes. if the problem persists. contact apple support it tried it through itunes and wifi allot and it still wont activate my cell provider is bell it thought it might be the sim card but it works in my blackberry fine any help would be great thanks in advance

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DId you find out how to fix this, its happening to me



how you can help me to activate my iphone 3gs wont activate after update to ios 6



How did you get your iphone to activate?


it does it the same as mine you have to ring the apple shop but it cost you 25 pound to ring


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Try activating your iphone on another computer. Or if you are familiar with your system, have a look at your host file and make sure apple servers are not set to loopback ( If you are using a mac you can get to your hostfile by using the "GO" menu, then "Go to folder" type in /etc and hit the GO button. locate the host file and check it out. If you are on PC, I have no idea. sorry.

Justin M

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i got it to activate now it says no service i call the provider and they could not activate the phone cause it says carrier not available i tried everything i wonder if i had an updated software will that work?


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