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CDMA Version des iPhones der vierten Generation. Die Reparatur ist unkompliziert, aber Frontglas und LCD müssen gemeinsam ersetzt werden. Modell A1349 mit 16 oder 32 GB, CDMA Kompabilität.

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Verizon iPhone Has Bad/No Signal Strength After Repair?

I recently have taken apart a friends iphone 4 to try to replace the front and top buttons because the top button was stuck and the front button seemed broken. Both fixes went well, but turning the phone on for the first time after fixing them brought upon another problem. Anywhere in either of our houses, there is no signal to verizon's 3g towers at all, and around our town there is little signal to this particular phone. I don't exactly know how this has happened because I've torn down three or four iphones before and re-assembled them correctly and they worked fine. I have read that there is a blue inductor coil on the GSM version that can be fixed with a silver conductive material on the motherboard, but I can't find anywhere that talks about a fix for the verizon iphone. It just keeps saying searching for service and keeps failing calls. Hopefully someone else can point me in the right direction! Thanks so much!


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Try and check your connection to board. I have had this issue on a GSM, and saw that the connector bent, I had to straighten in and snap back in. Luckily It worked and I didn't need to order a replacement antenna. Also take note about contamination: "Before reassembly, be sure to clean all metal-to-metal contact points on the logic board (not the mating halves of connectors) with a de-greaser such as windex or isopropyl alcohol. The oils on your fingers have the potential to cause grounding issues."

-- I'm thinking in most cases the antenna is damaged, or just not fastened all the way.

Justin M.

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I think i've checked the connection for both of the antenna parts (bottom of the motherboard from the speaker assembly, and top right of the motherboard under the other shield near the audio jack) and they both seem pretty secure. I've even swapped out the speaker assembly with another iphone and still have had no luck getting a better signal. When you say "not the mating halves of the connectors" do you mean not the actual parts where the antenna cables meet with the motherboard? I have cleaned those parts with isopropyl alcohol, but not any other part on the motherboard. Are there any other spots on it you would recommend cleaning that might interfere with the signal? Could I have made it worse by cleaning the actual contact points of the antennas?

Thanks so much for your response!



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