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A wide range of repair guides and support for the consumer-grade laptop computer line by Toshiba.

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A205-S5825 laptop is unstable and constantly freezes

This computer is an old, Vista running machine that I acquired back in 2008. Recently I installed Mcafee to help keep the malware and viruses out, but now, it seems that my computer freezes constantly. Could it be Mcafee that is hogging all the resources, or could it have something to do with the computer itself? I only go to YouTube and other major websites, so I don't think my computer is infected. Here is a weblink for my computer specs:


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To answer that question remove McAfee and see if your computer runs properly. Another possibility would be an overfull hard drive---how much free space is left? Good luck

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+absolutely agree. take McAfee right off that machine. It is a hog on memory and will definitely slow you down. Opt for a free and yet good antiviral software like Avast etc...


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Like many Toshiba owners have found out, I among them, it is probably your NEC Tokin Capacitor OE128. If you are tech-savvy you can replace it yourself.

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