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2008 netbook; Model ZG5 AOA150-1691; 8.5" screen; 1.6 GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor

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I want to max-out the RAM on my ACER

I want to max out the RAM on this machine, the specification says the following:


512 MB onboard DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM single channel with onboard SDRAM and one soDIMM slot, with up to 1 GB/1.5 GB using one 512 MB/1 GB soDIMM module

The machine when I check my PC general says it has 0.98GB.

My question is what do I need to buy from you in order to maximize the RAM on my Acer ZG5?




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You can put a 1 GB stick which can be bought here or here

Not that it will display a little less than 1.5 Gb when installed, this is due to the fact that a part of the RAM is used for VRAM.

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