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8th generation of Chevrolet's full sized SUV, based on the GM GT400 platform.

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Power in 1999 Chevrolet Suburban going crazy?

Okay so I have no explanation for this. In short bought a new battery. Then even with that the power in the car goes crazy like it was unable to hold a serious charge. But if I let my truck idle for 10 minutes or drive for an hour it stops. I dont get it.

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What is it that is happening in your SUV? Give us a good description on what is going on. You are our eyes and ears....;-)


The only way I can describe it is that when i turn my truck on the power just wanky. You know that whaaa whaaa whaaa sound and the lights on the dashboard go in and out. Also at night with the head lights on it looks like a strobe light but slow. Could be I need to change my fuses.


I don't think so. If it would be the fuse it would be to many at the same time and to much of a coincidence.


Well I should check alternator


Check your accessories wire ...it probably needs to be replaced. Mine had stiffened and had dust all out throughout the wire. I replaced it and truck had been fine since


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andrew christopher burhoe, the flickering can be a result of voltage surges. This can be because of many different things, including a bad voltage regulator, an alternator that's not in good condition (possible bad diode, bad rotor/stator,), poor/high resistant charging system connections, poor/high resistant grounds. Make sure that you clean all ground connections, clean all the connectors at the firewall going from the engine compartment to the interior. Without actually seeing it and getting my hands on it, my gut feeling is that the fault is with the alternator. Not sure where you are located, you can always try places like Autozone or other who offer free diagnostic check up with a scanner. See if it throws any codes. There was also a pre-service bulletin regarding computer field generation duty cycle circuit on the GM line, including your model. Check that out and see if it works.

IPC Interior and/or Headlamps Flicker - keywords battery courtesy electrical fluctuation generator head intermittent lamp light #PIT3170D - (Jul 20, 2005)

1999-2005 All Cadillac Full Size Utilities

Without Regulated Voltage Control

1999-2005 All Chevrolet Full Size Trucks and Utilities

Without Regulated Voltage Control

1999-2004 Chevrolet Blazer, S-10

1999-2005 All GMC Full Size Trucks and Utilities

Without Regulated Voltage Control

1999-2004 GMC Envoy Classic, Jimmy, Sonoma

1999-2001 Oldsmobile Bravada

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.


Customers may have comments of a flickering light condition in the IPC, interior lamps or headlights. This condition is most likely to be noticed when the engine RPM is low and when high electrical load requirements are in place on the generator.


Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery/batteries.

Slide the protective boot on the generator BAT terminal aside and remove the retainer and wire cable from the BAT terminal.

Unplug the generator 4-cavity terminal from the top of the generator.

Inspect cavity D on the generator connector for a red cavity plug. If a red cavity plug is present, it is not necessary to replace the generator connector. Remove the CPA and save. Remove the red cavity plug and continue with step 9. If a red cavity plug is NOT present, continue with the next step.

Remove and save the orange weatherpack seal and CPA from the 4-way connector.

Using the proper terminal removal tool, remove the two or three wires from the 4-way connector. On vehicles without Supplemental Brake Assist (SBA), install a red cavity plug, P/N 12059168, into cavity "A" of the new 4-way connector, P/N 12186568. On some 2003 and 2004 model year vehicles with SBA, install the dark blue (Circuit 5668) wire of the vehicle wiring harness into cavity "A" of the new 4-way connector.

Install the brown (Circuit 25) wire of the vehicle wiring harness into cavity "B" of the new 4-way connector.

Install the gray (Circuit 23) wire of the vehicle wiring harness into cavity "C" of the new 4-way connector.

Obtain a piece of 0.80 mm/18GA black wire, 254 mm (8 in) long.

Install a red terminal seal, P/N 12048086, and terminal, P/N 12048074, (crimp and solder) on one end of the new black wire.

Install the new black wire into cavity "D" of the new 4-way connector.

Reinstall the connector seal and CPA, from the original connector, to the new connector.

Plug the 4-way connector into the generator.

Route the black wire to the generator BAT terminal, sliding the wire into the small end to the output terminal boot, along side the generator output wire.

Obtain a ring terminal from the terminal kit (J-38125-D) that is the same diameter as the positive post of the generator. Crimp and solder the ring terminal from the terminal kit (J-38125-D) on to the open end of the new black wire.

Place the generator output wire and the new black wire onto the generator BAT terminal and install the retainer.

Connect the negative battery cable.

Note: This modification will not work if the vehicle is utilizing the new "Regulated Voltage Control" system. This is new feature on some full-size trucks and utilities for the 2005 model year. Please inspect the vehicle prior to performing this modification.

Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed. Information about that from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Try this it worked for me, anytime you have to disconnect your battery for whatever reason you need to re-set the computer or you may experience things like your windows and locks not working properly or other problems like Andrew is having and we don't want any of those problems so try touching your battery cables together and leave them together for 5 to 15 min. Then simply connect your cables back to your battery and fire your vehicle up and check everything to make sure it is working properly,,, if not repeat the procedure it sometimes takes a second try but it has worked for me every time I have tried it

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