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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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Why is my PowerBook so sluggish?

I recently bought a PowerBook G4 on a bargain just to use on the internet and Word/Excel, it's a 1,67ghz and it came with 2gb PC2-3200


It was loaded with 10.5.6 and it just wouldn't work properly, it was really slow to a halt.

So I reformatted and installed 10.4.6 (updated to 10.4.11) and then I could actually use it - sort of!

It's still very sluggish, even TenFourFox and Safari takes forever to load, it kinda skpis when scrolling webpages... My previous iBook G4 1.07ghz was way faster than this, is there anything wrong with it?

BTW: the battery is dead with it's replacement already ordered and the time/date keeps getting back to 1969 after a day or two off, but it' ok if I turn off then on again after a few hours. I also bought 2gb PC2-4200 and a SSD PATA, which was already on my plans before buying this laptop.

Will those upgrades 'fix' my PowerBook?

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Here's another one: when I checked my system it said my memo was a 2gb PC2-3200 so I bought a 2gb PC2-4200.

But when I was replacing one for the other, the sticker on my previous memory said it was PC2-5300!!

When benchmarking with Geekbench the PC2-4200 scored a tiny bit higher than the PC2-5300, but the system scored a tiny bit lower overall (less than 10 points on both).

Now I don't know what to do. Should I keep the PC2-5300 (that my PB sees as PC2-3200) or should I replace it with the PC2-4200 that I just bought?

BTW: the PC2-5300 is Hynix and the PC2-4200 is Kingston. Just thought I should mention that...


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Your iBook should have benchmarked at 577. The PowerBook at 844. So the PowerBook should be almost 50% faster than the iBook. Try a hardwired ethernet connection and see if that solves the web speed issue. Next check the speed of your airport card and try it closer to the router. It may also be failing. Next go here and download and run Geekbench and see just how fast you unit is running. You may also need a new faster hard drive.


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Also your PRAM battery is dead and needs to be replaced. That's why you lose the date and internet settings. Here's how to do it: PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz PRAM Battery Replacement


Mine benchmarked 893 and still sluggish as heck!!

The issue ain't only browsing on the web mind you, is system-wide and now I'm puzzled... Could it be the HDD or it would affect the benchmark results as well?


How did the ethernet connection work?


I don't have access to ethernet right now, but to be honest I don't see why I should worry about that if other apps (non-internet related) are also sluggish...


Answering to myself regarding that browser issue: it seems that TenFourFox sucks about 1,6gb from my hard drive as virtual memory. Since my HDD is kinda crappy, this might explain why it's slower than Safari (not that Safari is THAT much faster, but anyway...)


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