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How to replace "irreplaceable" bulb in philips wake-up light HF3480

Approx. 3 years ago I bought the Philips wake-up light, type HF3480. Now, the lamp inside the device broke down and strangely enough Philips claims that "because of safety reasons" the lamp cannot be replaced, not by the user nor by Philips themselves. This means if I want my light back that I have to throw away/replace this 3 year old alarm clock of which the alarm & clock itself works just perfectly fine.

In the Netherlands even a TV show gave room for this stupidity of Philips. So I thought, this is a challenge for real fixers! I wouldn't know where to start or with what to replace the light bulb, but maybe one of you can help me with this quest?

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suzanne, the bulbs for the HF3480 are "Philips MASTER PL-C 4P, 26 Watt - 26W / G24q-3 / 827" and are readily available at places like this. Sounds like Philips glued those into the bases, so may be a heatgun is in order to replace those. Take a look on here for a bit more information. Now I want one just to tear it down and just because Philips says it can't be done:)) Take plenty of pictures and create a guide while you are fixing it.Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks oldturkey. So, what do you think about their claim that for safety reasons they glue the bulb into the socket? After removing and replacing the lightbulb, do you think it needs to be glued back again? I wouldn't want it to catch fire while waking me up... would be an unwanted side effect :-)

Any other opinions on that?


Suzanne, from looking at it, I do not believe that it would cause a fire etc. It looks like they are glued to keep them from falling and breaking in due to the upright position. Thank you for accepting my answer :-)


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Just disassemled our broken HF34745 and found a PL-C 26W/827/4P from Phillips, covered in glue. See a picture here

Just ordered a new one and will see whether it fits and works. Will let you know.

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The bulb arrived today and works perfectly fine.

So once you get all the glue removed, you will be able to replace the bulb anytime it breaks in the future.

4€ instead of 150€ for a new one seems like a good deal to me.


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