Entry level Photosmart printer introduced in 2009. Uses HP Tri-Color ink cartridges with a disposable printhead.

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Loud ratcheting noise from printer

When printer initializes before printing, a loud ratcheting noise comes from beneath ink cartridge carrier for several seconds.

What lis likely cause?

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I have checked everything. There is no paper jammed. I have removed the ink cartridges and reset them. When I look inside with a flashlight I can see (off to the right hand side) a little black piece connected to a spring that vibrates back and forth against the carriage and this is what is causing the noise.


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I have this printer at home!! It made those noises for me as well until I cleared a jam in the paper slot. Also make sure all gears are still working and ensure there is no excess paper floating around. Go to the backside open the door and just give it a good cleaning. Also take out the ink carts, and put them back in making sure they are flush.

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I'm keeping an eye on you flo. You seem to know your stuff ;-)


^.^ I do this for a living now, so when the shop is slow I answer what I can, its a learning experience as well!


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On this model make sure you clean the encoder strip that the print head slides through. It gets excess ink on it and loses its way. Also check the printhead bottom to make sure it isn't coagulated at its base.Always brush the drive gears with a clean tooth brush. ( Best cleaning solution is a windex mix )

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I have the same problem but I found out that when printing A4 borderless from the application menu but the Printer Setting is A4, the sound occurs each time a page is printed. When printing a .PDF document in A4 it always skips part of the document. When A4-borderless is used, the print is OK but the grinding sound is present. When I set A4-borderless also in the Printer Settings, the grinding disappears. I use Linux Mint 18 and HP usually is supported well for Linux. Yes, the ink is only for sale when paid in gold bars...:-(



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