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The Sony Digital Projector model VPL-ES1 is a multimedia projector produced by Sony between 2003 and 2005.

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How to tell if the lamp has blown?

My projector was working fine (lamp has only used 79 hrs) I switched it off, then 30 mins later started it up again, power came on, tilt working, but no light from the lamp.

It then shut itself down and the lamp cover indicator lights up. No warning of any kind before this happened.

I have removed the lamp, but it dose not look as if it has blown! How can you tell?

Could it be the lamp is OK and its another problem?

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most certainly should not be the lamp, those are usually 2000hrs before failing. Anyhow you can check the lamp with a multimeter on the ohm scale and check for continuity. No continuity means it has indeed failed.


Thank you. I will give that a try. Appreciate you help and will let you know the outcome.


It is xenon type bulb , there is no continuity betwen it's terminals , it works at high voltage


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Checked the lamp with a multimeter and its seems the lamp has indeed failed.

Thanks oldturkey, at least I know now what the problem is.

However, with the lamp only having used 79 hrs.

I am checking all items in the projector to make sure there are no other faults that could have caused the lamp to fail?

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Only thing that could get those to fail is to high off a voltage output and power surges. Hopefully just a bad lamp.


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lamp indicator will come on, but you sir, have to reset your lamp hours, after you replace your lamp. screw the bulb sony is cheap enough if it is a used bulb from amazon. be careful replacing as always, and take it easy man, hope this helped.

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