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Unable to log in to iFixit Meta

I'm unable to log in to the Meta site. I DO NOT get a bad password message.

This has been going on since last Saturday.

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Sorry mayer, we're still trying to reproduce this... has anything changed? still unable to login?


Still unable to log in.


It acts like it accepts my password but I'm still not logged in.


MIGHT be your browser - have you tried a different client? As a Mac User I sometimes have to resort to Chrome or Fire Fox when Safari won't play well with others...


I can log in using FireFox now but not Safari.


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It could still be an issue of ours - something that's broken only in certain circumstances. And if he got in that state without doing anything particularly odd (like, say, modifying his cookie values by hand), there probably are others with the same issue - which we'd like to prevent.

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I've made no changes that I'm aware of.


So you had complaints from other users? Safari Version 6.0.2 (7536.26.17) works ok. I've logged out and back in with no problem. You could check your markup validity with W3C for "non standard code" (especially a good idea if you use a WYSIWYG editor).


I've changed nothing but I'm now back on without having to log in?


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Since Fire Fox works the problem is on your end, not theirs. Try removing the meta.ifixit cookie then restarting Safari and logging back in.

Good Luck,


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I am not intimately familiar with the credentialing process on iFixit, but it may be using a session cookie to store your authorization.

  • Do you have cookies disabled?
  • Have you recently increased your browser security settings?
  • Recently upgraded or installed an anti-malware package?

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