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The Epson Stylus Photo R2400 is a color inkjet photo printer made by Epson and marketed towards photography enthusiasts and professionals.

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Roller paper is jammed

After printing a banner, and following manual instructions, I cut the paper before trying to back the paper out. Once before I cut the paper behind and pulled the paper out the front, but this time, against my better instincts, forgot since the manual says it will roll out the back.

The paper now refuses to back all the way out, and is stuck under immovable gears. When the printer was under warranty I had to replace the printer in a similar jam. Is dismantling the machine truly the only way to free the paper?

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Thanks, Ralph, for the tip on the manual. I'll get back to you if I'm smart enough to find the answer.


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Here is the URL to download the service manual for this unit. Hope it helps. Ralph


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research +


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