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Before merging with HP, Compaq manufactured a full range of laptop computers. Now they are manufactured by HP mostly with basic features.

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How can I reset password without reset disk?

I reloaded Windows XP and the log on password reset and I can't log on. I don't have password reset disk either.

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My dad reset my password to my laptop so the grandkids couldn't get into it and forgot what it is. We're stuck on the login screen and don't have a reset disk... Laptops locked down! Years worth of pics and video's are on it and can't access them. Please help...


I have a problem with my laptop HP, my laptop has a password and I know the password, but if I put the right password,,, and it's says "the User Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be logon."... PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Thanks.....


I'm locked out of my laptop but im logged in under my son's User name and he forgot the password and i have flash drive disk nor a floppy disk to work with so now what am i to do


Im Asking For Some Assistance. Please With Helping Me To Unlock my Toshiba satellite. Special. Edition. Laptop. Using windows. 6.1 Because I was unsuccessful. With recovering. My password. So here i am again please someone. Anybody please help me


i forgot my password of ma laptop samsung windows 8 what can i do with it how can i reset my password and i havent a drive disk


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Just use NTPASSWD, it's been around forever. A lot of Linux bootable recovery systems have it built in.


Update (09/08/2017)

It has been a while since my original comment.

I've used (and still use) ntpasswd for many years from XP thru Windows 8 on hundreds of systems and have blanked out the user admin password. The key word here is BLANK out the password.

It is just a matter of following the menus by selecting the drive with the sam file, listing the windows accounts, unlocking the account using the id of the account, it will be something like 0x01b3, then selecting the option to blank the password. Last, when you quit, it will ask if you would like to write the changes. Restart and at the Windows login screen click on the account that was unlocked and leave the password field blank. Once inside Windows you can go to the user account and set a new password.

For Windows 10 systems, with a Local Account (only), I've used this guide several times without a problem.


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it did not work for me


it did notwork for me


I followed this guide and successfully used NTPASSWD to reset my forgotten password:


Thank you a lot!


Been trying it for 10 minutes will not reset my password


My daughter gave me her old laptop awhile back but she had no power cord for it so I got a cord and neither me nor her can remember the password and I have no floppy disk or anything it says I need please can someone help me reset this thing


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Free solution. Press F11 button while powering up.

Follow instructions for factory reset.

Computer will be left in as new condition and all your files are gone but you can set a new password now.

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Thank You... that one worked... I had nothing on my laptop to loose, it kept asking for my password and nothing I typed in helped and I know all my passwords.... hurray...thanks again!


This and nothing has helped. I am on the factory reset and I need the admin password this is frustraing


Pressing F11 worked like a charm.!

Thank You.


Trying to reset my toshiba laptop password with USB hard drive


It worked thank you


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You have a few options available to you;

First of all I would try the simplest route. There is an Administrator account that is created with every windows Xp install. At the login screen, hit alt+ctrl+del 2 times, it should give you another login box, it may have a user name already inside it. Delete the user name, and type, "Administrator" no quotes. Hit enter, and it should log you in with admin privileges. From there goto Control Panel > User Accounts and change the passwords to your liking.

Second you can use the F8 key during windows startup. Continually hit F8 when your computer first turns on, BEFORE the windows screen loads. It will prompt you with choices on how to boot windows. Choose Safe Mode, and goto Control Panel > User Accounts and change the passwords there.

Good luck!

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Thank you the first one worked


Actually when I got to the control panel the screen was blank

Not allowing me change the password


Hello I have windows 7 ultimate on a HP. I have tried both your solutions and got bothing. I have also tried F8 the " start safe mode, start with command prompt, and start with network all take me back to the login page.....I no .suppose to be able to.do what you mention but it doesn't...got any solutions?


For the second one I continually pressed f8 and it ca,e up but after pressing safe mode it just went blank need help


The login box won't appear


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For those who are locked out of their computer and want their data, and in case a password removal disk did not work, here's a fix I use all the time:

- Power down laptop, disconnect from charger, remove or disconnect battery;

- Remove HDD;

- Put it in a USB enclosure; connect it to a Mac or Linux based system; if it's a Mac, make sure it has something like "Paragon NTFS" installed in order for it to read NTFS drives;

- Access the "user" files as if it was an external storage, and copy the needed data;

- Put back the hard disk in your computer, reconnect battery;

- Format or reset to factory settings depending on what configuration you have, such as access from a different admin user. Re-install OS, softwares, and copy data back.

Lengthy, but works every time.

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Just download oph crack live boot cd and burn it to any removable disk u have ( cd or usb) then boot ur computer from it . after that wait a few seconds for ophcrack run automatically or u may press enter to advance.if everything goes well u will se an NTML hash copy the hash code on a paper and navigate to crackstation.net or any other online hash code decryptor and paste the hash code there and click crack. You will then see ur passowrd and thats it.


Why did you go to so much trouble to reset password for your Windows computer ? eveb if you didn't make any password reset disk , but there is still a chance to reset it .

Download it from : https://www.mobiledic.com/windows-topic/...


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