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I can't tell where to plug wireless cable in HP Laptop Presario CQ50

Long story short I had to disassemble my laptop. I fuxed all the problems I originally had and now I'm reassembling. I knew this was going to be an issue from the beginning so I only unplugged one of the wireless cables (the longer one with the gold piece at the end) because I had to pull it out before I removed the cover I couldnt see where it goes. I know the general area just not exactly.

Ive only seen this question asked once and even then the answer was "you shouldnt have opened it in the first place"

I have pictures and videos but you cant see where it goes...

its step 10 on this page http://www.insidemylaptop.com/remove-mot...

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Hi, u need to route the cables underneath to the wifi card. There is picture of the wifi card in step 5. There should be two arrows on the card near the connector points. One black and the other one white. The black cable goes to the black connector and the white cable to the white connector. Hope this helps. Write back on what u did. Good luck.

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Thank you! ^^


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