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Modell A1312 / Mitte 2011 / 2,7 & 3,1 GHz Core i5 oder 3,4 GHz Core i7 Prozessor, ID iMac12,2

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Damaged display power header whilst replacing hard disk drive

I've damaged the display power header pins on the logic board whilst replacing the hard disk drive, snapping one of the pins off (far right pin as you look at the header).

This is the header physically on the logic board and not the cable that plugs in to it. Neither is it the display data header/cable. The cable has a black plastic end to it and slots onto 6 metal pins: http://www.macpartsonline.com/922-9849-c...

Is it possible to get hold of the relevant header to replace via soldering, or am I resigned to a new logic board? If a new logic board is required can I use any 2011 logic board or is there a specific one for this machine?

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What are the last three digits of your serial number? This will help to properly identify your computer and your logic board. Also post some images of your connector so we can see what you see.


If you could post a high res pict of the damaged connector that would help.


My serial number is DGKGC0H9DHJW EMC 2429

How do I post images here?


Thank you Yako, that part is exactly what I am looking for, unfortunately an engineer has identified another part that is damaged. It is immediately below pins 4 and 5 of this part (looking at it from left to right) and is labelled L9000 on the logic board. Any ideas of what this part is and where I can get it from?


Thank you oldturkey03, I can see from your diagram that it is a 250 ohm ferrite inductor, but is unclear what the ratings are for that component, i.e. the voltage, current rating, etc... Do you have any of this information?


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Dear Friend,

I had the same problem. The connector you need is from Molex.

Excatcly the same is not possible to buy, because was made just for Apple LG.

I find by Molex the connector has this part number 53780-0670. I purchase it from Mouser electronics under 2€.

I think is the same, just not black but white.

You can replace it or someone who can fine solder. Yo save a lot of money, believe me!

I hope I can help you with this information.

Let me know.

Bye Bye


Hello Adam,

If I understand the part you me must be this one


It is a ferrite chip who are responsible for the 12v on LCD Display port.

I tok this information from the schematic of Imac 21,5" who has the same connector.

I hope this is the part you need.

Good Luck!


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Are you able to post that schematic? Where would I find a schematic for the 27-inch imac, as I would have thought the bigger screen would draw more current etc


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Adam Smith, I am not Yako, but thought that perhaps I can help you out with the schematic. Here is the L9000 which is a 250ohm ferrite bead used for EMI control as a filter. Check Digikey.com for more info.

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Hi... where I can find the L9000 circuit on the iMac MB? Thanks.


@crisdalcantara sorry but I do not quite understand your question. Can you elaborate on what you are looking for?


I need to find de L9000 location on the iMac Logic Board. Do you have a picture or can point the location so I can change it? Tell me if you understood. Thanks.


I have bought the ferrite on Digikey website already.


Hi Cristiano d Alcântara what inductor did you buy and did it work? Thanks.... Trying to do the same repair..


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After almost 3 years, due to the fact I was unable to stop and take my Imac for Repair since I work with it to make my incomes.

Basically the issue happens because the L9000 Circuit burns if you misconnect the LCD Display cable. I followed all the hints to check the LED Start sequence as you can see on this LCD Backlight not working = solved to this problem. I noticed that LED4 was not blinking on the startup sequence.

I connect an external display using Displayport and the Mac was running fine on it.

The next step was to buy the circuit from Digi-key, as mentioned by Yako on this post. You can buy the 220 OHM Ferrite Circuit here.

Next, I take my iMac to an electronics specialist who confirmed that the Circuit was burned.

He welded it again and TADA, LCD working again!


a) The L9000 Circuit is below the GPU. So you will need to remove the logic board and the GPU (the whole thing with the cooler, etc.) Check the picture below to see where the Circuit is located

Block Image

b) I Paid something like $10 for 5 220 OMH Ferrite Circuit on Digi-key. Link above.

Block Image

Block Image

Here are some pictures after the burned Circuit was removed and the new circuit Welded.

c) I paid $200 for the welding service and repair.

Thanks, everyone for the tips. Thanks a lot, Yako and everyone here for the tips and help.

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I discovered that a blown L9000 is my problem as well on a Mid-2010 iMac 21.5inch. Attached is an image of the blown inductor, for reference to others.

You do have to remove the GPU from the slot and peel back the insulating tape to see the damage. One clue for me was you could see the tape was burnt thru, even before peeling it back to reveal the damaged L9000.

Block Image

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