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The HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC is an entertainment based PC produced in 2007.

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broken monitor how do I fix it?

broken monitor on my hp pavilion dv2000

How do I replace it?

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morenonaci, here are the steps listed in the service manual:"1. Prepare the computer for disassembly (Section 5.3).

2. Disconnect the Mini Card WLAN antenna cables from the Mini Card WLAN module .

3. Remove the Phillips PM2.5×9.0 screw that secures the display assembly to the computer.

4. Turn the computer display-side up with the front toward you.

5. Open the display as far as possible.

6. Disconnect the following cables:

Display cable

Web camera cable

Microphone cable

7. Remove the wireless antenna cables from the hole in the system board.

8. Remove the two black Phillips PM2.5×5.0 screws and the two Phillips PM2.5×7.0 screws that secure the display assembly to the computer.

9. Remove the display assembly

10. Remove the following:

1 Four rubber screw covers on the top edge of the display bezel

2 Two rubber screw covers on the bottom edge of the display bezel

3 Four Phillips PM2.5×5.0 screws on the top edge of the display bezel

4 Two Phillips PM2.5×9.0 screws on the bottom edge of the display bezel

11. Flex the insides edges of the left and right sides and the top and bottom sides of the display bezel until the bezel disengages from the display enclosure.

12. Remove the display bezel

13. Remove the Phillips PM2.5×4.0 screw that secures the Web camera to the display enclosure.

14. Remove the display Web camera from the display enclosure.

15. Disconnect the camera cable from the camera board.

16. Turn the Web camera upside down.

17. Remove the two Phillips PM2.0×3.0 screws that secure the Web camera to the bracket.

18. Remove the Web camera from the bracket.

19. Remove the two Phillips PM2.5×5.0 screws that secure the inverter to the display enclosure.

20. Remove the inverter from the display enclosure.

21. Disconnect the display cable and the backlight cable from the display inverter.

22. Remove the two Phillips PM2.5×7.0 screws that secure each hinge to the display panel.

23. Remove the display hinges.

24. Remove the display hinge covers from the display hinges.

25. Remove the display panel from the display enclosure.

Of course, you can download the service manual from here for a better look. Hope this helps, good luck

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