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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Where should I buy a new screen?

My cousin gave me his old iPod touch 1 and it has a cracked screen. I plan on fixing it and found the ifixit page for the product. It is expensive compared to the amazon ones but the amazon ones don't come with a home button, would I be able to take out the home button and put it on the amazon one? Which one should I get?

16 gb, running ios 3.1.3

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Hi Ted,

As Mary already mentioned, you can go to ebay for a new screen.

In regard to the possibility of replacing the home button by yourself, take a look at do you sell a replacement home button? which describes the way of replacing the button really good. Moreover, OldTurkey also lists other resources you might want to consult in the process of replacing it.


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does it need a digitizer I got a glass lens


can I use the one I have it still works


Hi Ted, if your LCD is still ok and only your digitizer/glass is cracked, I would buy only the digitizer and transfer everything else 1:1 from your old cracked digitizer to your new one. However, this also includes the frame that - as far as I can see - does not come with a new digitizer from ebay. Unfortunately, the overall installation process of the front panel assembly is classified as difficult. So, if you are sure that you can do it, I would definitely give it a try. Otherwise I would probably go with the "ready and easy to install"-version of the screen that is offered here on iFixit which includes glass touchscreen, home button, surrounding black metal frame, and digitizer in one piece.


the lcd is fine, I think I can transfer the digitizer to the glass panel I got monday. So I just need to take out the cracked glass and use the metal panel and home button again right?


on Mactracker it says the ipod touch 1 is still suppourted, would the apple store be able to do something?


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You can also get the screen from here. Hope this can give you a reference.

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I would either go to eBay, or call Apple to see if they have any recommendations for a new screen. They might even help you put the new screen on once you have bot it. (Warning: They might charge you)

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