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Released in 2010, the HP Deskjet 1055 is an all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier.

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scans and prints line down whole paper

printer is fairly new... all of a sudden while copying and scanning..it prints and scans what t looks like a lot of thin lines that makes this half inch line all the way down the paper.

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Clean all scanner glass with windex or rubbing alchohol. Look for any marks or smudges on the glass. I have seen white out cause all kinds of problems on scanner glass, but it should be easily repairable. You can also check where the paper would feed through if you were feeding from the top tray and look for a piece of paper or something that might be blocking the image from the scanner bed. If the problem shows up when scanning from the feeder tray, try to lay it on the glass, if it happens from the glass, try the tray. It sounds like something is blocking scanner light.

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At the point when a record is examined utilizing the programmed feeder the printout has a vertical line through and through. At the point when examined utilizing the level bed scanner there is no vertical line printed. Is there a different upper laser scanner in the programmed nourish top that now has some sort of blemish? New toner/drum cartridge so no absence of toner. Every single other element appear to work fine.

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