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System crashes constantly. New ram and hdd didn't fix

System constantly crashes. Replaced ram and upgraded to new hard drive. Still no change. All software up to date. Tried reinstalling mountain lion OS X and with 6 minutes left on install it restarts and tries to install again. Now stuck in an install crash install loop. Help

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This is a problem of Logic board . In this Logic board nvidia stopped working due to this system crashing again and again even reinstall the OS X. Visit the apple service centre for the replacement of the Logic Board . They will provide you a free replacement if Nvidia fails. After replacement you will get the 90 Days service Warranty of Logic Board only. They will run the VST test on this MacBook . 99.9% this is problem of Nvidia. If tech said this is not a problem of nvidia tell them to run the VST test. VST test is only support MacBook Pro 15inch MID 2010. Good Luck

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