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Screw driver to disassemble the wii nunchuk

Does anybody know if the driver for the diy 54 bit driver kit will fit to remove the tr-wing screw on the wii nunchuk?

If not is there a recommended driver I can purchase from ifixit?


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The tri-wing screws used in the Nintendo Wii are Y0. This bit is in the 54 bit driver kit, but you can buy this screwdriver alone too.

Here are the links:

54 Bit Driver kit: http://www.ifixit.com/Tools/54-Bit-Drive...

Y0 screwdriver: Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver

Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver Bild


Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver


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excellent. I did end up getting the 54 bit driver kit however i was worried that on the wii nunchuk it would be too narrow for the driver from the kit to fit. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!


In case anyone else is looking for this answer. The Y0 in the 54 bit driver kit is too wide. The tri-point Y0 standalone screwdriver however worked perfectly.



There a guide here (Nintendo Wii Remote & Wii Nunchuk Accessory Disassembly/Reassembly) which says "Tri-point #1". Is this a mistake?


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