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Released in 2011 - Core i3-2330M processor

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Half of the Screen Broken

I dropped the laptop on a carpeted floor. The screen itself did not crack or shatter, but now only the left hand side of the screen works. It is split right down the middle at the webcam. It still has color. It works fine when I hook it up to an external monitor, and other than that there is only a small crack on the cover-corner where it hit the ground. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ray, disassemble you laptop and take a look at the connectors. It is possible that you have a torn cable, broken connector or a broken CCFL. If any of that should not work, you may have to replace the LCD. You can get the service manual from here Hope this helps, good luck.

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This might be a cable connecting your LCD with laptop board problem. I would recommend you to take it to a local technician and see if replacing that cable can resolve the issue otherwise you have to go for a new LCD.

Good Luck.

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