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iPad Mini Only Replace Glass? Step not detailed?

Have a friend that want me to replace the glass on her ipad mini, but the teardown, does not mention how to disconnect the glass digitizer? Can someone explain exactly what needs to be done to just replace the glass digitizer?


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The glass is held down by a ring of adhesive around the perimeter. Heat it with a hair dryer to soften. Most tool kits that come with the replacement digitizers have a few guitar pics in them to use to pry it away from the frame.

After removing the large number of #00 phillips screws...

unplug the old digitizer cable & IC chip.

Desolder the IC chip assembly and Home flex cable.

Solder IC Chip assembly and Home flex to new digitizers cable.

that's it in a nutshell.

BUT getting the points juuuuuust right is tedious to say the least.


M.D. PC Sales and Services

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Is there any video that has it more detailed, thank!

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