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The Sony Cybershot DSC-W55 was released in early in the year 2007. It is upgraded with a 7.2 megapixel camera compared to the previous model's 5.1 camera and has 56mb of internal memory.

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camera cannot be turn on

my camera cannot be turn on after water come into my plastic bag at the beach when snorkel

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goodgurlz2004, so it sounds like you have some water damage. I suggest that you disassemble your camera right down to the logic board, use these guides for that. Then clean all parts with a high grade isopropyl alcohol (90%+) and a soft brush. Check for any burned or missing components. Once cleaned download the service manual from right here, on the bottom of the page. Check the three fuses on your board for continuity, replace as necessary. Re-evaluate your camera after the cleaning, checking the fuses and a new set of batteries. Right now, do not try to turn it on since it could cause further damage. Hope this helps, good luck.

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thank you oldturkey03 for your information. i'll try my best to fix it but if i can't find the material to fix the camera, maybe i should bring it to sony centre :(


Of course, you could do that too;-). At least get an estimate on how much the repair would be and make a decision based on that.


thank you so much oldturkey03 for your suggestions :)


You are welcome. Best of luck to you and let us know the outcome.


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