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The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) began production in late 2007 as a project to bring computers to children in the developing world

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unit not working, have replaced battery

Are you going to provide information for servicing the XO laptop?

One Laptop Per Child = OLPC


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I'm sure they would like to. Any idea on how they can get a copy for teardown? Ralph


i've seen some of the olpc's on ebay - (5 on ebay.com)


Every OLPC unit shipped with a service manual on the machine. I bet they'd be cool with letting us post that information. Does someone want to contact them and ask?


I searched the olpc site a little bit and found a few interesting things ;-)

the repair category (with hundrets of pictures)

the troubleshooting guide (same link as in my posting - it's great - look at the repair procedures)

the hardware page of the XO (many good pcb pictures)


Hi, do you know the procedence of those xo on e-bay? The far as I know it can be stoled from one of our kids of the public school so if the system instaled on it is the that they use, that system HAS to connect to the servers in the school to "validate" so if the XO have not ben connected in a while is gonna be blocked.


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did you tried the steps from the troubleshooting guide ??

maybe you find some hints to fix the problem

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Great research + Ralph


+ nice answer


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