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The bottom of the kettle is corroded, can it be replaced

The kettle by OXO. It sounds like a train whistle upon boiling. It was a gift a long time ago, they no longer have it in stock.

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Maybe try some elbow grease or some kind of that remover since I doubt that a tea kettle is made to allow its bottom to be replaced and it is most likely fused to the body of the tea kettle unless our talking about its base then that as far as I know is replaceable. See if its bonded to it or not, that's the best way to find out. If its bonded with glue or any other method, that isn't a fuse or weld or any other permanent bond, then its replaceable.The hard part iis finding the part. I would try Google shopping.

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My mother inlaw uses sliced lemon. She squeeze lemon on the corroded bottom and wash it …it seems to work as well.:) Don’t how much time but currently its working…After a certain period we have to change the Kettle that’s for sure….

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