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Can I charge a rechargable battery by keep put voltage?

it's a long story.

i heard 3.7V Li-Ion rechargable battery has 4.2V at full charged.

but i have a problem with making full charge detect and cutting off charge circuit in my situation.

so i think put 4.1V to the battery all the time makes charging but not over-charging it.

is this possible idea?

thanks in advance.

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Anonymous, you can do that if you develop a proper circuit. You will need to provide a feedback circuit for the battery to manage the power to it. You can not just continuously supply 4.1V to the battery. I would suggest that you repair whatever device this goes with.

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Most Li-ion chargers have two states of charge a low voltage and a high. Then often have a feedback circuit to know when the voltage & temperature has hit a threshold so as not to over charge the battery as doing so will cause it to explode and start a fire. I agree here with OT as you could damage the battery or worse yet start a fire.


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