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2,26 oder 2,4 GHz/ weißes Unibody-Gehäuse aus Kunststoff

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Identification late2009 or mid 2010

How i recognice the difference ?

My serialnumber is SNW80204ADFW


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thanks oldturkey03,

i skipped one number, one link is working, the ifixit page is not available




So you did get it figured out?


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robertwistrela, all you really need are the last three digits of your computer. there are numerous websites out here that allow you a lookup by using those digits. Check on here as well as on here. Double check the number you posted, since it does not yield any return. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Just open the bottom and look at the board

820-2567 2009, 820-2877 2010.

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