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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für die Apple Time Capsule Modell A1302, im Wesentlichen auch gültig für das Modell A1254.

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time capsule dead, hard drive possibilities?

My time capsule will not work, I have tried everything. What I want to know, can it be wired just to be an external hard drive? Can I place an OS on it and use it for storage? Reformat? Basically I have pulled it out of the case and want to know has anyone rewired the connections to have it work, it seems a waste to have a TB hard drive and having it sit static.

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Which hard drive do you have and does it have standard SATA connections?

The hard drive typically found in a Time Capsule is the Hitachi Deskstar, which is sold by Hitachi as a consumer-grade product—the Hitachi Ultrastar is the enterprise version.[13] Apple labeled the drive as a server-grade drive in promotional material for Time Capsule, and also used this type of drive in its discontinued Xserve servers. Apple states that the Hitachi Deskstar meets or exceeds the 1 million hour mean time between failures (MTBF) recommendation for server-grade hard drives.[14]

The 500 GB, first generation Time Capsule shipped with a Seagate Barracuda ES-series drive.[15] More recently, other hard drives such as the Western Digital Caviar Green series,[16] and the Samsung EcoGreen series have been reported.

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If your question was can I connect this HD to my Mac system directly via the universal SATA adapter.

The answer is no, this HD uses a different format. So you can't recover any data from it nor can you prep the HD via your Mac. The AirPort Utility has the needed functions to prep a new HD if you swap it out.

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To further the discussion: My first generation Time Capsule power supply failed, and I bought a new TC. I have removed the old Seagate Barracuda ES hard drive and want to get a power supply so I can retrieve data on it. Can I buy an external power supply of some kind?



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