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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für die Apple Time Capsule Modell A1302, im Wesentlichen auch gültig für das Modell A1254.

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Unit shuts itself down. Only special Apple labeled HD to be used?

Thanks for the in depth description.

After installing the new HD the TimeCapsule worked just fine and made a full backup over night.

All of a sudden on the next day it shuts itself completely off (no light, no sound).

Actually it shuts itself off the very moment it starts the hard drive to spin up !

This happens when it wakes from sleep, when I removed the power and plugged it back in, after a hard reset ...

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,


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Since it booted once, I'd think you could be having a power supply problem. Apparently it's a "known issue" that the lifespan of the TC is just over 3years and that is newer ones.. older ones are often only 2years.


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The drive you put in maybe pulling too much power. Compare the HD specs between what Apple had in the the TC and what you put in. Is the amperage draw the same or lower?

Otherwise it sounds like the power supply is having problems. Did you pinch a wire or have some other short?

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If it's not the HD drawing too much power... (try booting with the HD out) here is a link for what could try DIY wise.


Sorry to hear the power supply has gone. If this answer answered your question please remember to mark it accepted.


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I've been to the Genius Bar today and, yes, as we all agree upon, it is most likely the electronics.

As the TC is way past any warranty time the Apple guy could only make an offer of a € 50,- rebate on an replacement model.

An Apple Care plan for a Mac would have helped (they would have replaced it) but I didn't have one.

Conclusion: TimeCapsule is dead, drive is fine.

Will either get a refurbished one or a WD My Book NAS.

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You can get a "power supply repair kit" online for a few bucks (maybe 10 euro?). You need some tools and a soldering iron, but you can replace the capacitors on the power supply board and it will work fine.

It takes about an hour.

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Any chance of a 'how to' for replacing the power supply? My 500GB time capsule just stopped working yesterday. I'm convinced it's the power supply that has failed.


Someone had a kit to repair the older Time Capsule at one point. not sure it you can find it now. Check the link in my above answer.


Just go to ebay and search for "time capsule power supply repair". I'm seeing the repair kits at about $15, but I'm also seeing replacement power supplies for about the same price. I'd advise just replacing the power supply and save the headache of desoldering capacitors, etc.


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