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Why does my horn not work?

I have had my horn replaced and it lasted for about 1 year and now it once again does not work. I would like to do it myself now and not pay someone again to do a bad job. Where is the horn located and the associated wiring (I checked the circuits and relays and they're fine)? How is it mounted, replaced, and wired? 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Inline 6 motor

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oldturkey03, thanks for writing back! I did not check the physical wires (as I did not know where they were) but I did make sure the fuse was not blown and the relay was securely in place. The horn does not work when I press the button on the wheel or beep when I use the clicker to lock the doors (as it normally should). My horn had been working up until recently, so before I replace the horn and/or relay I wanted to make sure none of the wires fell out. I say this because when I had it replaced it sounded fine (albeit the horn was not from a Jeep) but as time went on I noticed that the sound quantity and quality has been decreasing; and now it doesn't work at all. However, I would love to replace it with a horn that was actually from a Jeep if I can find one for a good price. Thank you for the diagram, where did you find it?


Thank you for accepting my answer. The diagram comes from the service manual. Email me if you could use it. My email address is in my profile;-)


my horn on my 09 wrangler doesn't work. where would I find the relay for that?


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Michael Kaminsky, Dual-note, electromagnetic diaphragm-type horns are standard equipment on this model. The horns are secured next to each other on a bracket beneath the right radiator extension panel and forward of the right front inner wheelhouse.

Block Image

You mentioned that you checked the wiring and the relay, but are looking for the wiring associated with the horn, what exactly are you looking for and how did you check the relay and the horn button etc. The first thing I would do is to check for power on the horns when the button is pushed. Also, just run a wire from the positive battery post to the horn (Neg. is provided through the mounting bracket on the frame) and see if you can get the horns to work by briefly connecting the Pos. wire to it.

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Have same problem. One diffrence, I have power to horn without pressing button. Is that normal?


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