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Vierte iPad Generation, erhältlich seit dem 2. November 2012 mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität. Modellnummerb A1458.

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Gray lines on LCD after screen replacement, now iPad wont power

I cracked the screen of my 4th gen iPad and decided to attempt the repair myself. After a good 2 hours of painstakingly removing the shards of screen I finally connected the replacement and decided to test it before completely reassembling. When I first powered on there was grey lines running across the screen so I powered off and rechecked the digitizer and LCD connections - all looked fine. Powered on again, same thing happened. Disconnected LCD and digitizer a second time and tried again. Now my iPad wont power on at all. I've tried a forced reset by holding down the power and home buttons, nothing. It seems totally dead. Tried to restore from itunes but due to the new iOS 7 upgrade, I need to first disable Find iPhone on the iPad - can't get in to the iPad to do so. iTunes at least recognizes the iPad and find iPhone says that my battery is still at 57% so its definitely not an issue with charge. Not sure what the exact problem is and would really appreciate some help on what to try next. I'm guessing I accidentally damaged the LCD and I will order a replacement but given that the screen lit up to begin with and is now unresponsive I fear I have caused some other damage? Thanks in advance for your help.

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New LCD arrived and I connected it up. Nothing. Deflated, I sat the iPad to one side for a couple of hours. I decided to try completely disconnecting the logic board and reinstalling. SUCCESS!! I almost cried when I saw that beautiful white apple logo. Now I just need to install a new home button flex ribbon and I should be all set! :-)


having the same issue succesfuly screen replacement tried hard reset apple logo appears as white bar across the entire screen, then boots to a light coloured screen made of lines. think its the ribbon cable not connected completely but it doesnt want to do into the connector any further. how do i disconnect the logic board??


Ok, so I dropped my I pad mini. And it looks like I broke the inside of the screen cause there is a hardly noticeable green line at the corner of the I pad. I also have this flickering bar on the side of my I pad which is making the lighting of my I pad really dim and I can hardly see. How do I fix this, do I need to take apart the I pad mini?


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That's tricky. You may have damaged more than just the LCD. Unfortunately the best way to diagnose is to insert a working LCD and see if that solves your issue.

You've done a good job trying a variety of things to fix the issue, but It's definitely hardware related.

If you post a clear close-up photo of the ZIF connector where the cable attaches to the logic board, then I may be able to tell you if I see any visible signs of damage.

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Thanks for your response Joshua. The new LCD is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, if it still does not work after the install then I'll upload an image of the connector. Either way, I will update tomorrow - fingers crossed!


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Awesome! Congrats, I know what a huge relief it is when it's all finished and it WORKS!

Yeah, I just realized that I never told you to do a hard reset. By unplugging the logic board you effectively did a hard reset.

Your old LCD might actually be fine! I wouldn't mess with it though if I was you :)

I would try and sell the old LCD on eBay or a repair shop around town. You might get something for it.

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