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7,9 Zoll Display / Modell A1432 / Verfügbar in schwarz und weiß / Angekündigt am 23. Oktober 2012 / 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität

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After replacing screen, screen shuts off when pressure applied to butt

I repaired a ipad mini screen and everything works perfect until i put the screen down with the adheisive there.

First problem was when you applied pressure on the right bottom side of the white part of the glssd (next to home button) the screen would turn off and turn on. Just if you were to have a case that turns on and off your screen by lifting the top

Home button is also being held down something is off here

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1 Antwort

That's a hard one. Without being there to see it in action it's hard to tell for sure.

Does it make the clicking sound like a smart cover does?

If the home button is in a constant state of being pressed down I would unplug the digitizer assembly and then plug it in again. (Make sure the iPad is turned off before doing this)

Then test again. If it continues like this then you may have a defective part. I've had high levels of defective parts on the iPad mini. Did you get the part from iFixit or somewhere else?

There are also 4 pads in between the LCD and the digitizer that can sometimes interfere with the functionality of the digitizer. These pads can be removed easily. Typically iPad mini's with the phantom touch issue are as a result of these tabs, but this may also be affecting you.

Good luck! Let me know the result.

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I don't have a link of where the foam tabs go. One of my techs described the issues with these tabs, but I haven't actually dealt with them. If you've tried the screen with and without the tabs and are still having issues I would certainly think that your screen is defective.

It's not surprising! It seems that quite a few iPad mini screens are defective.

Once you get the replacement iPad mini screen let me know if you have better luck! My guess is that the digitizer cable is defective, so when you press the screen down it puts pressure on the defective portion of the cable and causes the screen/home button to work improperly.


Hi Joshua, I removed 2 of the small foam pads so I can remove the LCD from the device so I can unplug the LCD & digitizer. I purchased it from my supplier.

I didn't think these tabs did anything because the ipad 1 has similar ones and they do nothing.

I put back the foam tabs where they are suppose to go but it still does this.

Home button works fine when it is not pressed down and so does the screen. Once the screens put down it starts acting funky.

My supplier said it could be a defected screen.

This one comes soldered along with the home button.

Is there a link showing where the foam tabs go? Maybe mine are not positioned properly


Sounds like you have kinked your home button ribbon make sure it folds down and into the correct location it should not be bent it should fold between the LCD and the digitiser otherwise this will cause the screen to not seat properly if you look at the bottom home button edge you will see it's not flush and it is lifted


I am having the same problem on my iPhone 6s plus. As far as I am aware the screen has not been replaced. Is it worth me taking it apart to try to fix it? The phone has a very slight bend that is hardly noticeable could this be causing the issue?cheers.


I had this problem and I added tape on the bottom of the digitizer over the home button ribon to make sur the gold part of the flex doesn't touch the bottom of the iPad and it worked.


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