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Model 5234us. 1.66GHz Intel Centrino Duo

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after replacing my fan the screen wont come on. Everything else works?

I fallowed the instructions on ifixit.com to replace the fan in my hp pavillion dv5000 and after reassembly when i restarted it everything worked fine except my screen.Please help..I cant afford another screen

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First double check your work. Make sure all cables are properly seated. Then attach an external monitor and see if that works.


If an external monitor does not show any video either, you are having problems with the GPU on your logic board. That would mean that you will have you most likely replace the motherboard.


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First get a very bright flashlight and shine it into the screen, if you can see parts of the screen like loading screens, text in the top left side of the screen or a windows loading screen then its most likely the inverter board for your screen. In laptop LCD screens there is usually a single screen length Mercury-Containing Light Bulb that is powered by a PCB board that takes a low voltage and brings it up to a much higher for the bulb to use. (This bulb is in the screen near the bottom, assuming your screen is LCD and not LED lit) ** You may even have forgot to reconnect the Inverter Board back up to the new LCD as well **

If there is NO screen activity you might want to consider that when you put the laptop back together you forgot to re connect the screen to the motherboard. As mentioned above check the cables and "re-seat" or re connect them to make sure they are in there good.

If you are sure this is not the case then check to see if the hard drive LED activity light is flickering. You may even know at this point whether the computer fully boots up by being able to hear a operating system logon sound or something of that nature.

If you end up thinking you need more parts or a new inverter board contact me, i believe we have a few dv2000, 5000, 6000, and 9000 laptops i can find parts for.

Or there are some inverter boards around the internet:


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external monitor does not work either


Something to be careful of is to make sure that the external monitor is actually saying "No Signal" and not just showing a blank screen. This could be the difference between a startup issue vs a dead GPU. However the HP DV series laptops are notorious for having GPU's get too hot and suffer damage. oldturkey03 is right you may have to replace your motherboard..... Or.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLfAPWLcN...

Don't be afraid to try and fix it yourself, worst case is you will break an already broken laptop.

If you are still full of hope that this can be fixed, try removing the main battery as well as the CMOS coin battery from the computer overnight and try to power it on in the morning.


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