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Is there a documentation for the power supply?

I haven't got a power supply for my Power Mac G4 Cube.

Is the 4 pin connector of the power supply documented somewhere so i can rebuild it?



Thx for your answer but as i wrote above, i don't have a power supply and therefore don't know a EEE number.

I'm looking for the electrical specs and the pin layout to re-build a power supply by myself.

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How can you re-build it if you do not have it? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to build a power supply?


Sorry, maybe my english is too bad. I intended to build one from scratch.


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PowerMac G4 Cube 205W Power Supply

EEE Code Note: All Apple Power Supplys have a special three digit "EEE" code embedded in the Power Supply serial number which positively identifies the part. Please note that this is the serial number of the Power Supply, NOT the serial number of the machine. The Power Supply serial number is on a tag which has the format "xxxxxxxEEEx". The "EEE" code is the three letters immediately preceding the last digit of the serial number.

What's yours?


661-2455 or 661-2455 R or 661-2455U

email these folks to find out which power supply is needed for your machine

email us at sales@welovemacs.com with your machine serial number

It should cost under $60.00 on eBayhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Mac-G4-Cub...


Powerbookmedic: http://www.powerbookmedic.com/Power-Mac-...

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Thx, i'll have a look to my S/N, when i'm back @home on the weekend.

To look on ebay: Will it be an issue, that i need an inlet for 230V/50Hz and not for 110V/60Hz? In other words, is the power supply universal for worldwide voltages?


All Apple power supplies will work on either 110 or 220.


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kai, the pinout for the 4 connector plug is as follows:

A = +28V

B = +28V

C = Common (or - side of supply)

D = Common (or - side of supply)

the outer shell of the connector is ground.

Block Image

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Thx! This is kind of, what i was looking for!

What does "Common (or - side of supply)" mean? (English is not my native language.)


kai, if you measure i.e. A and C you should get +28V same with B and D. They are common to A and B but not ground, that is provided by the outside of the connector.


Ah, understand. Thx a lot!


Do I need to connect the metal surround to anything? Earth or common?


@smnbldwn the outer shell of the connector is ground (Earth)


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