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14.1", Intel Core 2 Duo T5450-powered laptop by Acer

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My acer extensa 4620 notebook top lid panel has broken

my acer extensa 4620 notebook top lid panel has broken and that panel is not available in India and also not interested to buy new panel it costs more. I want to buy another brand notebook from scrap with good chassis(also I don't like the design of extensa chasis). but I don't know which brand notebook suits my extensa hardware. if it is not possible to fix my extensa hardware into another brand notebook atleast suggest me from within Acer models available in india so that I can easily find it in scrap. and

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Finding another brand chassis that would fit seems almost impossible.

I suggest getting the same model from scrap, and swap the parts.

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but the problem is extends model is not available it was not released in India I bought it in US except 4620 all extends models are available to get in scrap


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