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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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Power switch not working

The power switch isn't working. It wont go on, we have to try over and over.

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Does it ever come on?


Need answer for Ninja Kitchen

system 1500 power switch doesn't work


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The problem is you have a G5 iMac. There are a number of issues this platform has had. The power supply and logic board have had capacitor issues that made them intermitant or unable to start. If you look at the logic board check to see if the visible capacitors are bulged. If they are I would look for a new computer. If they are not I would start by replacing the power supply

Let us know what you see when you look at the logic board. Click on the step-by-step-guides at the right to see how tho gain access.

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This is ridiculous I need the answer for a Ninja mega kitchen 1500 not a Mac


@bmgore. The question listed above is for a G5 iMac. We don’t stack question because you confuse those who don’t want to read the question. Start a new question about you Ninja devise


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