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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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a part of the Display is black, looks like liquid

I opened a ipod nano 6 to fix the powerbutton, but now 1/3 of the display is dark. but if i wipe with the finger on the darke part, it becomes colour. It looks like i wipe a liquid.

Does someone now what the problem is?

Thanks for your help!!!

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Michael Jenni, from your description, it sounds like you have a broken LCD. You will have to replace it to fix your iPod. Remember that the LCD is non-separable from the digitizer. You will need a new front panel assembly. Follow this guide for the repair. The part is available right here. Hope this helps, good luck.

iPod nano (6th Gen) Display Assembly Bild


iPod nano (6th Gen) Display Assembly


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You have was is referred to as a bleeding screen or crack:) This is fairly simple to replace.

buy one online, googled:

iRefresh repair


There's plenty of sites out there!

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