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10.1 inch display, 2.7 pound HP netbook released in January 2010. Available in all black, red, blue, and silver color, and complete with six-cell battery.

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Black screen. turns on no screen

lcd screen is black however when power button turns computer on and the CAPS lock is on.

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m007ayon, first you want to attach an external monitor and see if what that shows. If it shows okay, you know that your GPU and video circuitry is okay. That would leave the LCD and/or backlight as a possibility. > If you have no display on an external monitor, then you have issues with either your GPU and video circuitry, or your computer just does not post (BIOS error).

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First disconnect all the things connected to it then take the battery out then hold the power button for 30 seconds then connect the charger and press the power button if it turns on put the battery back on then your computer works

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