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The first generation of the Chevrolet Equinox, a crossover SUV from Chevrolet based on General Motors' Theta platform.

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How do I change the serpentine belt?

I have the AWD 6 cylinder model. I need to change serpentine belt. How big of job is it?

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I have a v8 pickup


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Here is a general set of instructions to guide you in replacing your belt. Good luck. Ralph


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+ research


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All you need is a floor jack, flat screw driver, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm socket. You'll need a torque wrench to torque the 15mm bolts to 45ft-lbs and the 18mm bolts to 85ft-lbs when finishing.

Remove the single 10mm bolt from the air box, and loosen the clam screw from engine side; unplug vacuum line and any other electrical connections if you want to remove it completely.

Place a floor jack under the engine to support it. Loosen and remove the 18mm nuts from the engine mount. Jack the engine up just before the mount clears the studs where the 18mm nuts were. Loosen and remove the 3 15mm bolts and remove the engine mount.

Now you can use a 3/8 wrench on the tension pulley to remove the old belt and place a new belt on. Be sure the belt is tracked appropriately.

Once complete, place the engine mount back on and tighten the 3 15mm bolts. Lower the engine until the mount rest over the studs and the 18mm nuts can be tightened. Torque the 18mm to 85ft-lbs and then torque the 15mm bolts to 45ft-lbs.

Relocate the air box (good time to clean it out first) and secure it with the 10mm bolt. Replace air cleaner and cover. Reattach clamp and tighten, plug in vacuum and electrical connections. Remove jack from engine. Congratulate yourself.

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