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Volume Flex Cable Issues

Ok this is a repost and update on an ongoing issue i am having with a students ipad.

I have bought about 20 different flex cables and still having no luck getting it to work completely

I can plug a Brand new one in and if i get it just right all buttons work fine but if it even seems to move a hair only mute switch and volume buttons work.

I have another ipad same model so i removed the entire camera and control strip and replaced with an exsisted one that did work fine but power still does not work and when started i see ipad showing text on apple logo screen like its looking for io stuf and never boots..

any suggestions.

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I am trying to make sure I have a good understanding on the problem.

There is one iPad with the flex cable issue. You have tried multiple times to replace this cable.

There is a second iPad, you have put this cable into and it functioned?


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If it's the flex cable that you have to "insert" and then close the FPC then they are notorious for issue's. After you have a power flex on plug in the lcd and lay it so you still have access to the power flex. From there, open the FPC flap on the power flex and with tweezers wiggle it. Lot's of the time they need to be left out a little bit in order to work. If you get power and the click sound when pressing the power button do a hard reset.

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we have seen this issue before with the new (2012) model ipad 2 power flex cable. What we did was just simply use adhesive tape to hold the cable in a position that all buttons/functions work and then just tape it down in that position so that it stays there. It has worked fine.

Those "jawbone" connectors are finicky sometimes.

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