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Zweite iPhone Generation. Modell A1241 mit 8 oder 16 GB Kapazität und schwarzer oder weißer Kunststoff-Rückseite. Die Reparatur ist leichter zu bewerkstelligen als beim iPhone 1. Es werden Schraubendreher, Hebelwerkzeuge und Saugnäpfe benötigt.

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Phone wont boot after glass/Digitizer and lcd replacement

I got an iPhone 3G off a friend when he upgraded to a 3gs and the glass was cracked. i got the replacement glass/digitizer and during installing it i cracked the lcd. so i got a new lcd today and i installed everything, the new glass/digitizer and the lcd. at first the lcd was white and then would go black and i could get it back at all. I tried the power button, home button, hard booting (power and home buttons for 10 sec) and still nothing. it wont even connect with my computer unless i put it into dfu mode and then the only i can do with it is restore it using itunes. even after an itunes restore i still get no activity on the screen. ive tried the vibe/ring switch too and i get no vibration or noise out of it. ive taken it apart multiple times to check the 3 cables for the screen assembly and they are all connected. i even tried to get the screen to work with it popped out of the casing to ensure the cables were connected. any help at all would be greatly appreciated as i gave my wife my iPod touch.

ps the itunes restore completed but afterwards it would not connect to my computer again.

iPhone 3G 3.1.2 jailbroken prior to screen repair, restored to 3.1.2 after screen problems.



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just an update. not sure how i did it but the phone is technically working now. i restored it through itunes and decided to run the jailbreaking program on it again and some how that caused it to boot up again and recognize in itunes and my computer. the screen how still does not turn on at all and the only i way i know the phone is on is by toggling the vibrate. the only way to turn it off is to let the battery die which is a pain and takes forever. but i have checked all my connections and ribbons numerous times and cant find a problem there.


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replace LCD

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