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Der PowerMac G5 ist ein Desktop-Computer, der erstmals 2003 von Apple Corporation produziert wurde. Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du den PowerMac G5 (Modellnummer A1047, EMC: 2061, von 2004) reparieren kannst.

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Power light blinks twice, fans high

I know this type of question has been asked here but id like to explain my issue.

Power Mac G5 has been sitting on the shelf of a business for at least 3-4 years with no use or ever being powered up. I get it today and power it up but immediately the fans run high and theres no video on the screen. The power light blinks white twice constantly.

I took out all of the ram - same exact thing (and no beeps even).

I take out all the ram and pram battery - no change.

I held the pmu button - no change.

What am I probably looking at? May just need a new pram battery since it was sitting dormant for so long? logic board? psu?

any help is appreciated.

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I got it up and running! Radioshack had the PRAM battery I needed - decided to replace it just because it was old. I installed 5G ram in pairs (which was the main problem to begin with) and I was able to install my OS after finding an install disc and buring it to DL DVD. Alls well. thank you!


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The fans kick into high by default when a temp sensor fails to keep from cooking the CPU or other components like a GPU.

You have damaged RAM, and possibly other problems.

• 2 Flashes: No RAM is installed or detected (could be bad RAM).

• 3 Flashes: Incompatible RAM types are installed.

• 4 Flashes: No RAM banks passed memory testing.

• 5 Flashes: No good boot images are detected in the boot ROM (and/or there is a bad

sys config block).

• 6 Flashes: The processor is not usable.

Replacing the PRAM battery is good idea - the battery is recharged when the computer is plugged in, but the life of a battery is at most 5 years. PRAM Information includes:

  • Speaker volume
  • Screen resolution
  • Startup disk selection
  • Recent kernel panic information, if any

If you experience issues related to these functions, you may need to reset the NVRAM or PRAM.

Resetting the SMC or PRAM is not a "fix" it should only be done as part of a troubleshooting process.

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Thanks for your reply. I removed all the ram from the powermac and shouldn't the motherboard beep at me like other motherboards do? I haven't worked on powermacs in the past so I'm not sure if its special and won't beep with no ram.

Also, I tried a working module of pc3200 ram in each of the 8 slots, one slot at a time, and it still does the same thing - fans immediately run high and no video on monitor. Think my Motherboard is bad?


ok i never knew about the installing RAM in pairs on a G5 (http://manuals.info.apple.com/MANUALS/0/...). Never worked with them before but I installed 2 sticks of ram in each slot 1 and i got the apple chime and no blinking lights! just a solid light!!! amazing. but the fans still run high and no video output. still trying to boot to OSX install disc.

The fans which run high are the 2 fans between the HDD and the disc drive.

could THIS then be the motherboard? video card?


Anything is possible. No video could be a blown video card…are there fans on the video card? Not knowing why it was parked that might have been the original problem. You could have a bad optical drive…or HD you almost have to put the components in known "good" machines or cases and try them.


Got a question- Got the G5 Dual Mac unit yesterday for a dummy project - It was red on start up due to unspported ram, sorted that out now but when I power the unit on I have a Constant White Status Light - None of the above but no display and no power to KB / Mouse. Hard to find some info on these units. Any Ideas ?


Are the KB and Mouse plugged into the monitor? The USB ports on the displays of that time are known to be unreliable. A lot of problems with the G5 (also the incorrect RAM error) are caused by cracks in the solder. Because of EU regulations tin less solder had to be used and with temperature changes cracks appear. I can get mine working after heating the motherboard with a heat gun but then it dies again after it cools down a bit.


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