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The 8th generation (E110) of Toyota's best-selling compact car.

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emergency/ hand brake adjustment

My e brake is not holding my rear wheels anymore. How can I adjust.

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Kevin Turcios , besides all the good points that leebeme is making, check the attached image for the adjustment. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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This could be an indication that your rear brakes are going bad. Safty first! Pull the rear wheels off and check that your brakes are still good. Then look at the face of the brake pads. Are they shiny? This could be a condition called glazing due to prolonged use. I recomend that you change them but you can atempt to deglaze them with a little brake parts cleaner and sand paper. (do not drinch your pads) if the glazing seems to be ok and you have good brakes, then move on to your adjustment. for this i can not give you an exact answer, but tell you where to look! First place to look is under the car! You will see a wire going to your rear brakes and deviding to both sides. Look for an adjustment on that wire at the brackets that hold it up. However most likely it is most likely where your ebrake is. if it is a peddle style, simply look at the wire it conects to where there should be an adjustment. Most likely is that you have the hand pull type and in that case it is still behind the handle in the consle. You must take the boot and maybe a bit of plastic off to get to it. there should be a retainer clip and a nut. Remove the clip and turn a few turns and test.

Please remember that if you do adjust, you may need to readjust when changing brakes. If you have the spair $35, changing the rear brakes will most likely fix the problem and keep you from causing more work in the future.

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Handbrake uses seperate brake shoes inside the hub. The service brakes are the disc brakes


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