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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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What part of the Honda computer controls giving fuel

According to a Honda repair shop i need to replace a computer part in my 02 Honda Accord. My car's computer wont allow it to give gas to the fuel injection. Probably because it knows unfortunately that it will be running on only 3 cylinders. They said it would have to be rebuilt. Just for them to replace the computer part im looking at 500 to 600. I have a friend willing to work on engine but computer work idk.

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I have a 1998 Honda Accord 2.3 l DX I have gas I have spark I did compression check past I put a new distributor in it still crank no start


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Simply replace the computer, which is called the ECU, with THIS PART

It's priced at $69 and there is a best offer. No need to rebuild the computer.

If there is no change, you can sell your old ECU or the new one you got and recover some of the cost.

If you wish to replace fuel system parts, you can replace the injectors, injector resister, wiring harness, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filters and the fuel pump.

However if the Honda shop diagnosed the ECU as a failure, then replace that first.

Additionally, if one cylinder is not firing, change the injector from that cylinder to another cylinder that is working and see if the problem moves. If it does, you have a bad injector. If not, possible a wiring connection. At any rate, replace the spark plugs and plug wires to see if that "wakes up" that cylinder.

It sounds to me like a full tune up will take care of this problem. However, it may take some patience to sort it all out.

Good luck, let us know


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Wow thank you for verifying what you said in previous answer. I just wanted to make sure I understood you properly. ECU ok I will learn. Thanks again for your assistance.


You're welcome. I hope you get it firing on all cylinders.


my mechanic friend said yes i can find them cheaper on ebay but there not programmed. The ECU i would need, needs to match my cars vin# and be already programmed or else my car wont take it. For a used one that matches the vin# and is programmed will be about $200. The only found is coming from out east. Does that sound about right?


Maybe he's right. He's the professional. On my older hondas I used to swap out ECUs as long as the part numbers matched. I never had a problem getting junk yard parts to work.


Do you know what there referring to when the say it might need to be flashed? Also the vin # isnt enough they saying i need the exact part # if thats so then why spend extra on getting a programmed on if its the same item number thats in my car??


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it ended up being a cylinder out my engine needs to be rebuilt. Also needs a new ecu.

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