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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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battery no charging bought new battery

All have a ipod Touch 3rd generation where battery was not charging. Ordered new battery via order# Order id: #607878

Replaced battery (soldered & etc) it is still not charging.

It stays on and everything is fully functional when charger is plugged in but after disconnecting charger/cord it goes off.

Please advise.

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I think what is happening is the power is bypassing the battery when you have it plugged in.

I dont know the exact problem bu you could have heated up something on the motherboard too much and melted connections that are bypassed when plugged in.

Also, do you know where to find a guide showing the actual soldering process? I need a new battery for my 3rd gen 32 gig but i dont feel comfortable with it yet, not on something this small, and i have already replaced the screen on mine

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