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Die 2013er Neuauflage des Mac Desktops, bekannt als Mac Pro.

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Removing/deleting the Wi-fi card?

I hate wi-fi radiation. I want to remove, delete and kill the wi-fi card, following your guide. Despite my switching if off in software, the Mac Pro or MAvericks has re-activated Wi-fi 3 times since I got the new Mac Pro (yesterday). So, I am going to kill it in hardware. I now know where to find the wi-fi card ...

Do you think I may have any problems with hardware start-up checks or similar after putting it back together, but with the wi-fi card expunged from the machine?


UPDATE 4 Feb 2014

Thanks for the comments:

There are currently more than 34 published academic studies showing that wi-fi destroys or damages genomes / DNA. If you have an ethernet connection, why would you want to radiate your brain and body? Just google: "wi-fi destroys DNA" if interested. Fortunately, Apple has made it quite easy to remove.

For those following the thread ... I purchased a T5 torx screwdriver which is needed for the removal. The process is quite simple:

1. Take off the outer lid of the Mac Pro

2. Remove the round plastic black hat (with a diameter about 120mm) on the top: use a plastic spludgee (or pocket knife if more daring), and shove it up between the Mac Pro body and the black hat, ... the hat is just stuck on with some pressure glue, so work your way around levering it off, and eventually the whole cap just pops off. [ It sticks back on again when you press it down.]

3. Then follow the photos on the site here to remove the Airport card. There are 8 Torx T5 screws to remove, as well as 4 antennae connectors to unplug ... and you are done ... then lift up the card, --> the Airport card is sitting on the underside. Wiggle out the Airport card from its connector on the underside. All done.

Put back together ... Start up Mac and everything works fine ... The Finder Menubar status icons now show:

x -> Bluetooth Not available

x -> Wifi: No hardware installed.

How good is that! Wonderful and delighted!!

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2 Antworten

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First of all, a year's worth of wifi radiation is no more harmful than the radiation from a 20 minute cell phone call. Radiation from FM radio stations is worse than the radiation from wifi networks, so you should be fine. For more on this, see here: http://www.who.int/peh-emf/publications/...

If you still want to remove it, there won't be any problem. However, this will also disable bluetooth. Also, you may void your warranty in doing so.

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I might add there are other sources of EMI radiation in your home that are putting out more than your WiFi (i.e. Microwave, TV, CD or DVD player).


Excellent point. WiFi should be the least of your concerns.


Yes - I don't use mobile phones either, as they also give me headaches, just like wi-fi. By the way, radiation from radio stations is irrelevant by the inverse square law, unless of course you happen to live very close to one ... and if you do, that's very bad news (just look up cancer clusters). By contrast, with mobile phones and wi-fi, your brain and goggly bits are within 1m or so of the antennae. In any event, the simple fact is they give me headaches ... and who needs headaches.


I think you need to do some more investigating to solve your headaches. WiFi or Cellar signals are not the cause. - While there has been lots of noise about it causing cancer the truth is most of the studies have not proven it (or offered a firm link). Yes, some media reports have over-blown things (your links) as they use this hysteria to sell papers. One can find so called medial studies from way off places to support any argument you can think of. You need to look at things in a balanced way.


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First of all, wifi radiation is simply B U L L S H I T.

You can remove the wifi card, refer to step 8 of the teardown.

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