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An industrial gas-powered stove by Vulcan.

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wont go thru the gas I replace gas valve and the igniter

My vulcan gas stove wont go thru the gas i replace the shut off valve and the igniter nothing happen

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Would you give us the model number and name?


heres the model number 260l77r


model 515-197


If it has a gas regulator on it, check that. Sometimes the gas regulator screen will get trash in it.


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Here's the operators manual: https://my.vulcanfeg.com/resourcecenter/...

The next link on that same page will give you the service manual.

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+ You have a pilot driven system in your oven. With the parts you have stated replacing the most likely cause of it not working are the size of the pilot light - adjustable from a screw on your temperature control valve - or flame placement on the mercury vapor switch (mistakenly called a thermocouple on gas ranges). The flame should engulf the mercury vapor switch closer to the center and towards the front of the sensor. There is a hollow tube that looks like a wire going from the sensor to the safety valve that puts pressure on a diaphragm in the valve to open it. If the flame is hitting on the sensor correctly you can feel a vibration on the hollow tube/wire when the size of the pilot light is enlarged by the temperature control valve, calling for heat. If the fore mentioned are all in order, your problem is with your temperature control valve.


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incoming gas yes goes to a regulator that goes to a valve that is controlled by a safety valve that allows gas to flow to a burner that is controlled by a thermostat,sometimes controlled by a flame switch that goes to an orifice that regulates the size of the flame got that

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