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Die 2013er Neuauflage des Mac Desktops, bekannt als Mac Pro.

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Can you upgrade the GPU?

I'm curious if you can upgrade the GPUs later on. I haven't been able to find any answers, but a lot of people asking.

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Hi, Did you upgrade you GPU? I have the same question. I want to replace the GPUs to NIVIDA.


To clarify You can upgrade the CPU chip still a bit of work!

The graphics board GPU's: dual AMD FirePro D300, dual AMD FirePro D500, or dual AMD FirePro D700 are not discreetly replaceable chips!

You need to replace the complete graphics board. These are custom to the 2013 Mac Pro! (you have two and they need to match!)

I'll warn you they are very expensive! As an example here's the FirePro D700 boards you need one of each:

Mac Pro Graphics Board (A)

Mac Pro Graphics Board with SSD mount (B)

Even more cost than the CPU!


@danj To upgrade the CPU you have to disassemble the entire trash can. To swap out the 2 Graphics boards, its 17 screws total and will take you about 20min.

(Take housing off, remove 5 screws from bottom cover, then 6 screws each on the graphics boards - that it!)

No idea what you are talking about that its even more work.

I build, refurbish and repair hundreds of those every year for one of my corporate customers.


@vocamacrepair - Brain and fingers on different wave lengths ;-}

You're right the cost is what I meant.


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Yes. OWC offers a variety of processor upgrades. Those can be found here: Mac Pro Late 2013 & upgrades


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The question was if you can upgrade the GPU (graphics cards) and not the CPU. And yes, you can upgrade the graphics cards. Cards available are D300, D500 and D700. D500 and D700 are hard to come by and quite expensive.


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Too new to know the answer - but it would likely be possible (for certain values of possible). MacPro's have long been the "Professional" Mac desktop and as such much more upgradeable than any iMac.

That being said you've never been able to stick just any CPU into a Mac Pro. It would have to be a CPU that was supported as a custom build option by Apple otherwise you'll run into EFI/extension (aka "driver") problems.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.

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He said GPU....Attention on the "G"


Same answer applies - if there's a vendor that supports the box and OS you're using it will be OK.


the short version -- no. The gpu card is not theusual PCIe slotted one. Except with an Apple OEM part -- of which I am quite sure Nvidia chipset is not used.

probably an EGPU external box on a TB connction may do - I would look for info at egpu.io. Please note the MacPro 2013 has only Thinderbolt 2 (and 1) connection


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Leo Leporte bought a 2013 MacPro and showed it on his TV show called Twit. (See YouTube) He stated it can be upgraded in his show. Along with the CPU Which other's have done already.

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Why upgrade later, when at the time to buy you have 3 choices in the GPU.

I bought the 2013 Mac Pro with D3000 3.7 ghz I7, 1TB SSD And added 4gb of ram to the 12gb that comes standard.

A awesome machine. Mine never over heats. :)


Why upgrade later? Because when I bought it two years ago I wasn't trying to do any serious graphics work (aka Premiere Pro). Now I am, and the D300's are PAINFULLY slow.


If three years ago you bought a four door car but then decided you were going in the bricklaying business would you still try to haul bricks in the car? Or would you buy a used truck?


If hauling bricks just required unplugging a board and plugging in a different board...

Silly analogy.


If you're going to recommend watching a tube video, don't you think you should give a link to it?


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Yes, I upgraded to 12 core. Followed instructions on ifixit

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