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2,26 oder 2,4 GHz/ weißes Unibody-Gehäuse aus Kunststoff

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Not turning on or charging after I replaced battery

I have a MacBook Unibody mid 2009 model A1342. The original battery would not charge, so I replaced the the battery with another original battery. After the replacement, the MacBook initially did not turn on and then 3 hours later it turned on but the new battery would not charge. Same as the old battery. The battery indicator indicated battery was 20% and "Service Battery".. I turned off the Macbook to restart it, after changing the date and time settings and it restarted perfectly, however the light on the MagSafe 60w charger never turned red or green.

After shutting down the MacBook for the night, I tried turning it on and it will not turn on...

Any solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Remove the battery and with the magsafe charger disconnected hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Now just connect the magsafe to the macbook. Do you get the green light ? If so, try to power on the machine. You must be sure that your magsafe charger is functional. A steady green light on the magsafe tip indicate that the logic board is ready to receive the 16v needed to power on the machine.

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