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Die 2013er Neuauflage des Mac Desktops, bekannt als Mac Pro.

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Upgrading 1.4 HDMI port to a 2.0 HDMI port?

At CES, HDMI 2.0 TVs were demonstrated as well as 8K displays. I do not think the current HDMI port provided by Apple will be sufficient.

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I don't know of any 8K displays on the market, do you mean 4K? I also don't know of many systems out there that can even support 4K displays let alone anything higher.


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Apples' web site shows the ability to support up to three 4K displays or six Thunderbolt connected displays. Review this: Mac Pro Specs

== Update==

As of July '15 Apple now supports 3 - 5K displays and the HDMI is now called HDMI 1.4 UltraHD

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Not on the market yet... but they were demoed. They may never be out in the market. My question is concerning the hdmi port on the new Mac Pro. Can it be upgraded? Apple has claimed that the hdmi port (1.4) on the new Mac Pro can support 4k displays but my concern is at what frame rate. (30 or 60) It is my understanding that hdmi 2.0 is an improvement. (Can play video at 60 frames per second.) So again, Can the HDMI port on the Mac Pro be upgraded from 1.4 to the "new" 2.0 standard.


As to upgrading its too soon to say what Apple will do. HDMI 2.0 is so new I don't know of any system currently on the market that has support for it. As the signal processing hardware is what is being improved Apple would likely need to release a new logic board (which would be no different for any other system). Bottom-line here is you are way ahead of the curve.


So, you buy a new Mac Pro for 4 to 5 grand today and it is already basically obsolete. What a deal? This was the future according to Apple. Not. If HDMI port can not be upgraded easily (Firmware update or a simple module replacement).


Hold on here! I don't think it's as bad as you are thinking! First the Mac Pro is very modular, so only the I/O board will likely need replacing and maybe some firmware: I/O Board. You also have to remember Apple is not the only one thats behind the eight ball here all of the hardware vendors are. Until a standard is ratified and the needed components are even available at the levels needed for production it's just speculation when a new standard will be made available.


HDMI 2 was adopted September 2013. CES 2014 demoed this in January 2014. I wonder how much this I/O Board will cost?


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Don't stare yourself blind on HDMI 2.0 since the HDMI-signal is on the same bus as the Thunderbold 2 signal which already supports 4K 60fps.

Second, electrically, HDMI 2.0 is exactly the same so a firmware update should be enough.

Don't forget that HDMI is originally designed for DRM. So in the end you are better off buying an adapter (TB to HDMI or DVI which is the same without audio) and use an optical Toslink cable for audio which gives the ultimate quality since it is optical.

So, to conclude that the Mac Pro 2013 is obsolete due to a connector-type is rather silly to put it mildly !

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Thank you Harrie. I hope you are not an Apple fanatic. I have moved on. Getting info from Apple concerning this issue was non existent. The Applecare techs questioned me for asking the HDMI question. So I decided to look for another alternative. I could not see spending up to 5,000 dollars for a Mac Pro and getting no support or information from Apple. That is a lot of money and not to be treated properly by those you are paying ... No Way. Thank you for your answer anyway.


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FYI - Testing Improved 4K Display Support in OS X 10.9.3

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Thank you Ron,

But this makes things a bit more confusing. All I wanted was a yes or a no about the possibility of the 2013's Mac Pro's 1.4 HDMI port being upgrading to HDMI 2.0. If it can, How? Firmware or hardware? No debates just a yes or no. If no one knows, fine.

Thanks again


You're expecting an answer none of us can give you here. You need to speak with the Apple hardware designers them selves to ask them. That is if you can even get to them to ask.


You are correct. I was hoping someone could answer my question. My dealing with Apple technicians has not been fruitful. They question why you want to use their hardware a certain way and instead of helping they ridicule. Thanks anyway. I have called Apple again today and got a "Apple has no plans..." statement. They act like I was asking about their "new products" which I am not.


There is no point asking a tech support person questions regarding future upgradability of the product. Too many uncertainties out of his or her control. Even if it is upgradable, I doubt he can tell you the price. If HDMI 2.0 is a must for you. You should just wait. I have the late 2013 Mac Pro and I'm using the Thunderbolt to Display port for my 4k monitor. Works like a charm!


David, are you getting 60 fps with you 4K UHD? If so, how? Looking to connect Mac to my IHD at 60 fps, but according to Apple site, only the new laptop will do it. But I want a desktop. Looking to make a purchase soon and asking in case they is no Mac Pro or iMac refresh.


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